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Cramps at children





First aid

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Cramps - is a sudden involuntary contraction of the muscles. Cramps are the result of excessive pathological impulses emanating from the central nervous system and is often accompanied by disturbances of consciousness, sensory, autonomic, and emotional manifestations.


First aid

        Provide permeability of the upper respiratory tracts: remove from the mouth mucus of slime and sputum with the help of finger wound by bandage or a gauze (whenever possible).

Parents: do not panic, keep calm, loosen the collar and the release tight clothing, put the baby on its back and turn a head on one side, do not try to decompress the jaw by any object; take temperature, attentively observe when the attack is over, don’t give any medication or fluids by mouth; be near the child until the full termination of attacks.

During the first seizure at a child always hospitalize him for a complete clinical and laboratory examination to establish the cause of the seizures.


Right Doctor to Treat

Emergency doctor




Recommended  literature

1. Emergency medical aid: A Guide  for the  doctor, Ed.  prof.  V.V. Nikonov. Electronic version: Kharkov, 2007. Prepared by the Department of Emergency Medicine. KMAPO




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