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First aid









First aid

Patients who at the time of the inspection note presyncope condition or fainting, it is necessary to give such position which will allow to provide the maximum cerebral blood flow, for example, to lay patient or to set so that a head has been lowered below knees; to relax hard clothes, turn the head so that tongue does not sink down into the throat and not let the air flow. Positive effects may have a peripheral stimulation, such as irrigation of face and neck with cold water. If the body temperature is decreased, it is necessary to wrap up the patient in a warm blanket. It is necessary to prevent a possible aspiration of vomit for what the head should be turned aside. The patient cannot be given anything by mouth until he comes to consciousness, should not be allowed to stand until he feels that muscular weakness is over. It be also should checked for a few minutes after he takes a vertical position. Faint (faintness, syncope) drug treatment may include inhalation ammonia, injection of caffeine, kordiamine, mezatone, atropine solutions. 



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