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First aid








First aid

At paralyses of some muscles urgent measures are necessary. So the paralysis of the diaphragm or all of the respiratory muscles, and bulbar paralysis, landry ascending paralysis, spinal amyotrophy Verdniga - Hoffmann, ascending myelitis, and others require emergency hospitalization of patients in the intensive care unit, transfer them into artificial ventilation of the lungs. Patients with hemi-or tetraplegia need for an emergency hospitalization in a neurological department, associated with cerebral or spinal stroke, encephalitis, myelitis, and other acute diseases. Patients with central and flaccid paralysis associated with brain injury and (or) the spinal cord and plexus and nerves should be admitted to trauma or neurosurgical departments.

Considering that the movement disorders mostly occur chronically, a patient needs to be hospitalized for any movement disorders arisen urgently.



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