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Renal colic

 поч. колика




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Renal colic - symptom, occurring in acute (sudden) violation of the outflow of urine from the kidney, leading to the development of the renal pelvis hypertension, reflex spasm of the renal arterial vessels, venous stasis and swelling of the parenchyma, its hypoxia and hyperinflation of the fibrous capsule.

First aid 

Cupping should start with the simplest activities - use pads (especially the hot tub), in the absence of contraindications to thermal procedures. Favorable results are achieved using products containing terpenes and essential oils (tsistenal, urolesan, rovatineks, nieron, olimetin). Displaying the appointment of different antispasmodic, who for years remained the drugs of choice for the relief of renal colic (papaverine, no-spa, platifillin). In recent years, preference is given to combined preparations containing an analgesic, antispasmodic and ganglioplegic (baralgin, maksigan, spazgan, etc.).

If antispastick and painkillers don’t bring relief, prescribe ganglioplegic paralyzing vegetative nerve and reduces spasms of smooth muscles (1 ml of 2.5% hexon).

Introduction of narcotic analgesics is permissible only if the absolute certainty that the clinical picture is not due to the acute pathology of the abdominal cavity. Narcotic analgesics (morphine, omnopon, promedol) increase the tone of smooth muscles and cause its spasm, the least of such action has promedol. Given this undesirable effect of drugs should not begin cupping their destination. In the case of drug use is necessary to combine these drugs with simultaneous introduction of antispasmodics. The favorable effect is observed in conjunction with the introduction of antispasmodics, anti-histamines or voltaren oksiprogesteron, which eliminates the spasm of smooth muscles, reduces swelling of mucous and prevents excessive synthesis of prostaglandins.


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