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First aid.

Right Doctor to Treat

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First aid.

To protect the patient from possible injuries that may occur during falling and during convulsive twitchings of a body, to provide to him/her safety.To calm others.  To put under a head of the patient something soft (a jacket, a cap) to avoid the head injury during convulsive movements. To unbutton clothes which can discomfort breath. Between the teeth of the upper and lower jaw can be embedded twisted into a knot in a handkerchief, if an attack is just beginning. It is necessary to prevent biting tongue and damage to teeth. To turn a head of the patient sideways that the saliva could flow down freely on a floor. If the patient stops breathing, start cardiopulmonary resuscitation.  After the termination of seizures if the attack has happened in the street, organize transportation of the patient at home or in hospital.  Contact with relatives of the patient to report the incident. As a rule, relatives know what to do. If the patient does not report that suffer from epilepsy, better call an ambulance because the convulsions may be a sign of a significant number of more serious pathology (cerebral edema, intoxication, etc.). Do not leave patient unattended.


That it is impossible to do at an epileptic attack: 

• Leave a patient during an attack.

• Try to keep the patient (for the arms, shoulders or head) or transfer to another, even more convenient for him, occurred during seizures.

• Try to decompress the jaw patient and to insert between any objects in order to avoid fracture of the lower jaw and teeth injuries.


Right Doctor to Treat.

Emergency doctor




Used literature.

  1. Emergency Ambulance: A Guide to the doctor. Ed. prof. VV Nikonov Electronic version: Kharkov, 2007. Prepared by the KMAPо



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