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Rash at adults





First aid








First aid

In some cases the rash will pass itself - viral infectious diseases such as measles, rubella and chickenpox. It is necessary to prescribe antibiotic drugs in the case of scarlet fever. In case of scabies therapy is necessary to carry out simple medical treatment. If the rash is of allergic nature, doctor should determine the allergen by skin tests and exclude its influence on an organism. In case of a skin disease cure is needed in case it doesn’t pass, but the treatment can be only prescribed by a doctor considering the general condition of an organism. If a skin rash is dry or itchy, you can reduce the symptoms by using ointments containing corticosteroids. In severe cases, corticosteroids are injected. In any case before the physician arrived self-treatment is aimed at relieving the symptoms - when the temperature increases, use fever-reducing drugs with a strong itch - antihistamines, patients with urticaria, angioedema, Quincke's edema should know how to relieve some of these states themselves by taking a pill of glucocorticosteroid and antihistamine medicines.


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