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Electric trauma






First aid

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First aid

The final outcome of electric trauma depends on the provision of prompt and adequate first aid.

First of all, if the injured is under the influence of an electric current of the impact should be stopped, observing the safety rules. When there is a possibility, you must unlock the circuit with the circuit breaker or switch, or removing the plug from the socket.

If this is not possible to remove the power source from the injured, using insulating objects such as a dry wooden stick, clothing, rope, leather or rubber gloves, etc. For the isolation of the saving can also use the isolating items: dry boards, rubber, car tire, etc. With the release of casualty from above 1000 volts should take special security measures.

After this, the injured of the current action commence first aid. It is important to immediately evaluate the state of cardiac and respiratory activity. If necessary, start resuscitation according to algorithm ABC - closed cardiac massage, artificial ventilation (mouth-to mouth, etc.).


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