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holodFirst aid.

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First aid.

If hypothermia is suspected, the patient should be freed from the wet clothing and place, if possible, in a warm, dry, insulating material, such as sleeping bag.

To reduce heat loss is more important to put something under the patient than to hide it from above.

Although physical activity is accompanied by enhanced heat production, it creates a danger of the expansion of peripheral blood vessels and reduce the secondary core body temperature in connection with the receipt from the periphery of the cooled blood (the phenomenon of «afterdrop»).

In this regard, the patient should not to be as long as possible alone. Massage cold extremities also contraindicated because of the possibility of strengthening the peripheral vasodilatation.

If conditions permit, to provide venous access for intravenous administration of warmed fluids. For breath, if possible, is served warm and humidified air or oxygen.

Patients with severe hypothermia must be moved with extreme caution due to high availability of myocardium to ventricular fibrillation. Pre-hospital treatment of ventricular fibrillation defibrillation can be used, but the failure of three attempts to re-defibrillation must take aggressive rewarming the patient.


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