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Injury of spinal and spinal cord

спинной мозг














First aid 

First aid should be directed at the stopped of traumatic shock and respiratory disorders.

Transportation of patient should be carried out only on hard stretchers or on billboards in the patient on the back or abdomen. The situation depends on the level of consciousness. Should be as little as possible change the position of the patient. Mandatory blending is mobilization cell. Transportation is carried out with the obligatory participation of several health care providers (doctors, medical assistant, medic or driver). Use special stretchers or quickly vacuub mattress. The next task is to support vital functions, including – oxygen (2-4 l O2/hr). If necessary, conduct intubation and lung ventilation (mechanical ventilation). Ensure venous access and infusion conduct Ringer-lactate, isotonic sodium chloride solution. Apply a sterile bandage on an open wound. Warn hypothermia, continuous monitoring of heart rate and blood pressure.




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